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Heartbleed Vulnerability Information

Your financial security is always a top priority for Legacy Bank. In light of the recently discovered "Heartbleed" vulnerability, we have confirmed that it does NOT affect our Internet banking provider.

We will continue to monitor the situation and verify all other vendors we work with are either not at risk or have updated their system(s) appropriately.  You can test a website by clicking here, you will be able to test your favorite URLs to see if they’ve been affected.


The American Bankers Association Shared Information Pertaining To Heartbleed, FS-ISAC Offer Resources On Heartbleed Vulnerability

 As businesses and customers respond to the Heartbleed vulnerability -- a programming flaw in the encryption of websites that use OpenSSL -- ABA and the Financial Services Information Analysis and Sharing Center offered resources for bankers and their customers.

“Individual financial institutions are examining their systems, and for vulnerable sites, are applying security patches and updating encryption keys where needed,” FS-ISAC said in a statement. “In many cases, financial services websites either do not use OpenSSL or already have protections in place to ensure this vulnerability is not exploited.”

ABA issued an FAQ for bank customers explaining the bug, emphasizing that bank customers are always protected from unauthorized transactions and reminding customers to update their passwords regularly to keep themselves safe online. ABA encourages banks to become members of FS-ISAC in order to share and receive up-to-date information about emerging cyber threats.