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Grand Lifestyles

The Grand Lifestyles Club is a distinctive and prestigious club that offers extra banking services and special benefits. Any valued customer of Legacy Bank who is 50 years of age or better may join this club.

When you join the Grand Lifestyles Club, you can take advantage of the special club package of extra banking services at Legacy Bank. You’ll also become eligible to participate in club trips, tours, seminars, events, and much more.  We know how important service is to you. Legacy Bank offers first class service with a personal touch. We take the time to get to know all of our customers. Feel free to call us anytime with questions about finances and club activities, or to give us comments on our various banking services.

How to Qualify - It’s easy to become a member. As a customer of Legacy Bank all you have to do is meet one of the following requirements and you’ll start enjoying the benefits of the Grand Lifestyles Club:

  • Maintain $1,500 in any Legacy Bank checking account
  • Maintain $5,000 in a combination of a NOW account, savings account, time certificates of deposit or IRAs

 *Joint accounts qualify for any account owner 50 or better.  If members choose not to have accounts with the above minimum balance requirements there will be a $15 monthly fee.

Member Benefits - As a valued member of the Grand Lifestyles Club, you will receive the following special benefits:

1) Checking Account Grand Lifestyles Club members receive complimentary “club” checks plus no monthly service charge on your club checking account.

2) Bonus Rate on Certificates of Deposit The bank, from time to time, will offer special bonus rate promotions for a limited time to its members on designated Certificates of Deposit.

3) No Bank Charges on the Following:

  • Travelers Checks
  • Personal Money Orders
  • Direct Deposit Services
  • Notary Services
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Photocopy Services (limit of 5 per month)

4) No Annual Fee on ATM or ShazamChek Card Club members at Legacy Bank will receive a free ATM or ShazamChek Card with no annual fees. All new club members, if desired, will receive a transaction lesson on how to use their card.

5) Discounted Safety Deposit Box A 50% discount the first year will be offered to club members on a small safe deposit box or an equivalent amount on a larger box. This offer depends on the availability of box sizes.

6) Overdraft Protection In the event that a Grand Lifestyles Club member’s checking account becomes overdrawn, the checks would be paid by debiting the member’s savings account, if the member would want this service.

7) Emergency Medical Expense Waiver As a Grand Lifestyles Club member, you will be allowed a penalty-free early withdrawal on your Legacy Bank Certificate of Deposit for emergency hospitalization or nursing home care expenses.

8) Grand Lifestyles Club Activities Grand Lifestyles Club members can participate in a variety of activities:

  • Monthly Member Newsletters
  • Tour and Travel Opportunities
  • Financial Counseling Seminars
  • Club Social Events
  • Personalized Banking Service in a Grand Style

 Feel free to call us anytime with questions about finances and club activities, or to give us comments on our various banking services.